Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This afternoon I went up to Windham on the invitation of a fellow artist. The whole way up was filled with excitement. She had asked me to bring some of my work with me so she could see it. In return I was going to get to see her artwork. She was a retired fashion designer in another life in New York City. Together, we were going to collaborate on a local project. Now I am not so sure that I want to continue with her because she went from art to marketing and mass producing something which is something I am not sure I am into. If that were the only concern I have now that I have had a chance to talk with her I might be able to work through it. But then she hit me with what I consider a major blow....she decides to tell me that she is a fan of Rush Limbaugh. How in the world did she come to tell me that? Because I made the mistake of talking about the possibility of finding some art grants to help save the local arts council. For her this was a natural transition to get political. I consider my art apolitical. Creative Meditations is the name of my work for a reason. When I create, sew, or plan a design it is a time to reunite with myself in a positive way. When she went on about her political affiliations I began to feel quite invaded upon. Thinking about politics is not what I want my mind to engage in when I am creating. There is little artistic about politics for me. And I certainly don't want my creative process being hijacked by Rush Limbaugh.

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