I am a fiber artist who creates works of wearable art in my studio located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Inspiration for my art comes from many places, memories and people whose paths have crossed mine. My creations are born through a process I call creative meditation where I explore my innermost feelings and fantasies through the creative process. I also practice and teach Zentangle, a drawing meditation.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


October has always been one of my favorite months of the year.  There is something to be said about the cool brisk mornings helping me to wake up and pay attention. October also is a celebration of the seasons abundant harvest.  It is also the month of the pumpkin and I dream of them in abundance.  Did you know that the color pumpkin (orange) is a healing color?

Orange is a color that has been understood very little, and not often used. However, orange offers many benefits when it is understood and utilized properly. This dynamic color is associated with the second Chakra or energy center. Its area of influence on the body is the reproductive system and this is why orange is associated with the energy of sexual orgasm.
I look back at the past 10 months to witness the things that I have learned this year so far.  What Creative Meditations has been up to in the studio and all of the changes that have occurred that makes evolving such a challenge yet a blessing.  For now though, I am concentrating on the color orange because it makes me feel so happy and energetic.  


quote in orange taken from www.heavenmeetsearthyoga.com

Sunday, August 13, 2017


 I am writing this post with a somewhat heavy heart concerning our understanding (or lack of) the importance art has played in human development.  I am beyond words but I will try to explain.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine called me and told me about a new art gallery opening in the little town of Leeds where I live.  She said that the opening was in the evening and would I like to come.  I was so excited and grateful that she called to let me know about it.  And of course, I said yes.

Now, my friend's husband owns a garage right across from the gallery and it was there that I agreed to meet her and her husband so that we could go together.  As I entered the garage I was greeted by her husband with a warm hello and a "how's Mrs. Trump doing?"  Now anyone who knows me at all also knows that I would never support ignorance and violence and white (male) supremacy. (Keep in mind that it is NOT white males, but rather the supremacy that I do not support.)  I did not smile and in front of everyone there I reminded him that he knows I am not a fan.  But the story does not end here.  Oh no!

I turned and started across the street towards the gallery and was joined by another art enthusiast who mentioned how upsetting it was to her that the National Endowment For the Arts was no longer in the federal budget.  I returned comment by saying that I was upset as well.  All of a sudden we heard the most ignorant comment of all and I quote " I don't think it should be in the budget.  Let them work for the money the way I have to!"  (yes, it was my friends husband) All I could say was WOW!

I had such a hard time sleeping last night as I thought about his comment and the thought that there are others out there who think the same way.  If there ever was an appropriate time for "What would Jesus think?" it was now.

Art is everything to the development of humanity.  It gives us hope and helps us cope.  Creativity is coping in motion and it does not matter what form it takes. But above all.....IT IS A MATTER OF NATIONAL PRIDE AND WORLDLY CELEBRATION!  It soothes the soul and speaks volumes when words fail us.

Did I say any of this to him?  No I did not.  I just turned and continues to walk across the street.

The show was beautiful and the talent was abundant.  The rooms were filled with color; vivid color that made me smile.  It told me stories about the artists and their interpretations of the life around them.  I left feeling good about that part of humanity that keeps me uplifted.

Art matters....in every form.  Namaste my friends.  Namaste

Sunday, April 9, 2017


What does it mean to be mindful?  Over the years I have read different explanations of mindfulness.  Does it mean paying attention?  Being in the moment?  Experiencing each breath from inhale to exhale?  Does it mean all of the above?  For me it does mean all of the above and it is what I have experience in my 30+ years of mindful meditation.  Mindfulness to me is like a celebration of the present.  It is a revelation of sorts of the nature of existence.  It is here in this moment, here in this moment, here in this moment as time progresses.  Can you imagine living each moment so completely?  Is it possible?  I think it is, which may be why I believe that I have lived a wonderful life so far.  I have observed many amazing things and I have experienced pain that I thought would not end.  It did and I survived.  I am mindful.  I am here, and here, and here yet again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


A Business Plan the artists way!
I have been working on my business plan for quite awhile.  In fact, it has been months in the works and I still have to give it another edit.  But in order to  move the process along, I decided to create a picture of my business plan to help boost my energy because, as anyone will tell you, writing a business plan is quite daunting at best.

"Creating" a business plan has been quite a wonderful process.  It helped me focus and  put on paper my vision for Creative Meditations.  Money does not grow on trees (LOL), I know but identifying clear goals and intentions by writing them on leaves just seems so natural. Perhaps I am ready to launch my to-do list. Oh.......wait, I think I will add more leaves!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It has been three months since I posted here and it has been quite a time in the studio.  I am looking out the window watching it gently snow and it looks so very pretty.  It is a wonderful respit from the termoil, anxiety and fear that have been expressed to me as I teach meditation.  It is a time unlike any other which promted me to revisit favorite philosophers and ideologies: mostly as an attempt at a reality check. 

What is a liberal? Where did the term come from? 
We can trace it back to a 17th English philosopher and political theorist, John Locke.  Anyone who has taken a course in philosophy and or political science is very familiar with his "Two Treasties of Government".In it, Locke argues that legitimate political authority can only come through the consent of the governed.  In that light then, the purpose of the government is to protect our lives, liberty, and property.  Liberlism is also dedicated to free markets and capitalism.  Adam Smith, an 18th century philosopher outlined this notion in his famous work "The Wealth of Nations" (a must read).  Smith argues that the best way for a society to generate wealth and prosperity is through division of labor providing a structure that would inhibit decision makers acting in their own interest.  Competitive free market creates properity for all.

So what is conservitism?
First it is interesting to note that this is a much newer concept and not at all in keeping with the our forefathers.  It actually became most prevelant during the industrial revolution. It appears that those who have made it their life study have come to note that in fact, conservativism is not a genuine ideology as is liberalism, but rather an emotional state of mind not proven by sustainable theoretical works.  There is also a very deep religious (Christian) belief that human beings are not inately good but rather are born of original sin.  It is also believed that society is incapable of governing itself where families,churches, and schools must teach traditional values.  Those who fail to do so must have discipline imposed on them by the government and law.  The law is designed to dictate moral factors rather then the valued measure of the law for laws sake. For them there is no room for anything but traditional family values.  In short, Conservativism is based on "known facts" as opposed to rational, intelligent, deep philosophical thought.  And as for prosperity, it is the basic belief that only the larger institutions should have the economical power.

The snow is still falling, It is beautifully quiet as each flake rests on the ground.  Be careful because underneath all of that wonderful white lies treacherous ice. It is a pause for thought.

Monday, October 3, 2016


I have a german shepherd.  He is my baby and he is the silliest dog I have ever owned. We got him as a pup and right from the start we knew we would be in for a ride!  Exept we didn't anticipate that the only issue was going to be that he hates riding in the car!

Like many large breeds, he has no clue about his size.  Only that he thinks he can sit in your lap.  There he is sitting with his auntie (or should I say (sitting on his auntie!) watching daddy making something in the kitchen.  He helps me with the laundry and takes off my socks in the evening.  Actually, once the sun goes down he will try to take off anyone's socks should they be dumb enough to take off their shoes while in the house.  Doesn't matter who it is, guest and family alike.  A firm no puts a stop to it of course but you have to give him an A for trying.  I also taught him to say banana....well, he doesn't really say banana but he will try to say it al long as there is a treat involved.  And can he talk?!  If and when he is in the car all he does is bark.  You can hear him coming in the next town.

I am a german shepherd owner and it takes a rare breed to own a rare breed.

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