Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow!!!! Time is going by way to quickly. I am in my studio that still isn't painted. I am grateful though and I want to take a minute to express how much hope I have for all of us in these trying times. Like many of us, my money is very limited so I am going to use whatever I currently have. And, like many new homeowners, we had a couple of surprises that have us scrambling for extra money in the budget (that isn't there). It will all level out in time. But I am not only grateful for whatever I have but am also grateful for all of my family and friends who have believed in me and continue to believe in me. The joy of moving to a new home is the ability to make new friends. So far every neighbor on our road has stopped by to say hello and I found out that a new quilt shop is opening in about a month. I met the owner and she has asked me to teach classes there. It is a beautiful old NY house that has been in her home for years and she is restoring it. I also met some other sewers and knitters, some of which I will be joining this evening in one of their homes. I hope someone out there is reading this. I plan to take you with me each and every time I go.

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