Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It has been three months since I posted here and it has been quite a time in the studio.  I am looking out the window watching it gently snow and it looks so very pretty.  It is a wonderful respit from the termoil, anxiety and fear that have been expressed to me as I teach meditation.  It is a time unlike any other which promted me to revisit favorite philosophers and ideologies: mostly as an attempt at a reality check. 

What is a liberal? Where did the term come from? 
We can trace it back to a 17th English philosopher and political theorist, John Locke.  Anyone who has taken a course in philosophy and or political science is very familiar with his "Two Treasties of Government".In it, Locke argues that legitimate political authority can only come through the consent of the governed.  In that light then, the purpose of the government is to protect our lives, liberty, and property.  Liberlism is also dedicated to free markets and capitalism.  Adam Smith, an 18th century philosopher outlined this notion in his famous work "The Wealth of Nations" (a must read).  Smith argues that the best way for a society to generate wealth and prosperity is through division of labor providing a structure that would inhibit decision makers acting in their own interest.  Competitive free market creates properity for all.

So what is conservitism?
First it is interesting to note that this is a much newer concept and not at all in keeping with the our forefathers.  It actually became most prevelant during the industrial revolution. It appears that those who have made it their life study have come to note that in fact, conservativism is not a genuine ideology as is liberalism, but rather an emotional state of mind not proven by sustainable theoretical works.  There is also a very deep religious (Christian) belief that human beings are not inately good but rather are born of original sin.  It is also believed that society is incapable of governing itself where families,churches, and schools must teach traditional values.  Those who fail to do so must have discipline imposed on them by the government and law.  The law is designed to dictate moral factors rather then the valued measure of the law for laws sake. For them there is no room for anything but traditional family values.  In short, Conservativism is based on "known facts" as opposed to rational, intelligent, deep philosophical thought.  And as for prosperity, it is the basic belief that only the larger institutions should have the economical power.

The snow is still falling, It is beautifully quiet as each flake rests on the ground.  Be careful because underneath all of that wonderful white lies treacherous ice. It is a pause for thought.

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