Thursday, March 12, 2015


When Mother Earth begins to stir like she has in the past couple of days, it is hard to contain my excitement.  Soon there will be flowers. and leaves on trees.  I get so excited like I used to when my grandparents were coming for a visit.  There I would sit, by the kitchen window, looking out over the field in front of our house, anticipating their arrival.  What a rush it would be when I saw their car turning the corner and drive up Ambach Lane.  I get the same way when I know spring is arriving.  I can't stand the wait!!!!!

Despite the cold weather we had here in the Catskill Mountains, I tried hard not to let the winter get the better of me.  Sitting by the fire every night was a comfort and it is where I spent a good deal of time drawing and knitting.  But the comfort did not come without cost.  Jay lugged in wood all winter long.  It was a hard job especially in such brutal weather and wind chill factors below 25.  However, without the cold, the warmth would not feel so so good.  The fire never so appreciated. I spent the winter being grateful for the fire and its flames and for the flicker of lights it gave; so bright in the darkest of winter.  I would turn off the lights and dance by the fire.  Sometimes Jay would join me.  It is moments like this when the spirit moves me. How wonderful!

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