Friday, August 27, 2010


I just came down from my studio after spending an hour or so cleaning up the mess that creativity seems to develop. I love it though. The space is so bright and big. When I am up there I feel like I am tucked away up in the clouds. What a great feeling it is. It is really cozy in the wintertime when the snow is falling. Yesterday, Jay and I went to where we bought our wood stove. They are going to fix our fireplace in September. How wonderful it is going to be to sit in front of the fireplace and knit. While we were there I saw a wonderful gas fireplace that is perfect for the studio., I just don't know where it would go but if I could get it up there it would save us tons on the electric bill.

Gibbs, our german shepherd puppy doesn't like it when I stay in the studio too long. Right now I am in the office and he is laying quietly next to me. He is totally different when we are up there together though. He runs around, plays with my yarn and generally wreaks havoc until he starts barking as if to say..."well, when are we going down stairs to play?" Sometimes he give up realizing that I am just in another zone when I am playing with my "toys". Giving up is hard for a puppy but giving up he does and with a big sigh he meanders down the stairs and plops on the rug in front of the TV which has animal planet on. Sometimes he actually watches it. But when I finally emerge he jumps up because he knows we are going out to play for a little while. The break does both of us good. What a life this dog has!

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