Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today was a good day in the studio. I have several projects on the table. One is for a class I am teaching and the others are for art submissions or for family. I spent several hours working on designs. Some days I become so blocked but not today. My studio is filled with things that I love; pictures of my children and grandchildren help me to get past my blocks just by talking to them and whispering to them how much they are loved.

Tonight, I sat by our fire pit that we built by the stream that runs along the side of our house. I had such an overwhelming feeling of missing my sons and so I got up to get my phone which was in the house. When I turned it on Grant had called me and left me a message that he was thinking of me. No one can even imagine what that means to me.

Tomorrow I will design something that reminds me of him. It will be flowing and bright and gentle and strong. It will be warm and thoughtful just like he is.

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