Saturday, August 22, 2009


Lately I have waking up around three am, with a slight bit of anxiety. I decided to start this blog as a way to explore my journey in the world of art but slowly I am realizing that in order to do that I have to take the plunge and do it full time. You see, my dream is to create wonderful works of art that can be worn. Not a new concept I know, but it is my dream non-the less. What stops me? Money. Isn't that what usually stops us from following our dreams?

My partner and I are buying a new house that we both love. It is in the Catskill Mountains and the possibilities are endless. I will have a real to set up all of my sewing machines (I have five) and I will have a design wall. The land that the house sits on is quite beautiful and is surrounded by a stream. There is an art gallery in the town where I will volunteer my time and get to talk to other artists. Even though I am fifty five years old I am not to old to follow my dream and start a new career. I just need to be courageous. Is anyone out there reading this?


  1. Hello Andi,

    I am so glad you have realized that there is never in life a time to be too old to do anything. The art within you will ask for expression whether through doing therapy, landscaping, designing, practicing yoga or through the lovely fiber arts you are creating. Know I am always in your corner as is Scott. Jessica also says hi.

  2. Thank you silverfyre! Someone really is reading this. I am really excited.


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