Monday, May 23, 2016


moving day!!!!!
This morning as I descended the stairs to my studio I had a flashback of what it looked like the day we moved in.  Holy Cow!!!!  Actually, move in day was about getting our stuff into the house.  The day after moving day was the real challenge.  How was all of this mess going to turn into a productive studio space.  I did not even know where most of my stuff was.  Everything was packed mostly least it started out that way.  By the time the 11th hour approached however, I was putting stuff in wherever they would fit.  That turned out to not be such a good idea.  But, we got through it and today I am happy to say that the studio is up and running.  There are still things to be put away.  Thread to be organized and material to be folded.  I am happy to report that the longarm is up and soon will be busy quilting a large quilt.  Mostly though, studio looks something like a studio and less like the disaster it once was.  
/TV/learning center
Projects/Classroom area
 Gibbs likes it off course.  He comes down to visit me at least once during the day.  Mostly to tell me that it is time for lunch or dinner or that he wants to play.  I love my new studio and our new home.  This is my Magical Monday thought of appreciation.  Do you have anything that you appreciate today?  I am sure that if you thought about it you could find something.  Large or small, I am just as grateful.  HAPPY MAGICAL MONDAY TO US ALL!!!!!

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