Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today was a wonderful day! My girlfriend Ruthie picked me up at 9:45 am and together we went to our knitting group. The sun was shining and it felt like a beautiful spring day in the Catskill Mountains. Let's see.... Betty, Pam, Monica, Ruthie and I all sat around talking about our grandchildren and the silly things they say. Then Dolle (doll aye) came with her daughter and granddaughter to add to the mayhem. Ruthie wanted me to tell the group the little knitting rhyme that my niece Emma Rose says when she knits. I couldn't remember it so I called my sister who put Emma on the phone. With the phone on speaker she was quite pleased to share with us this little knitting rhyme...."under the fence, catch the sheep, back again and over we leap". Betty had to write it down which caused Emma to recite it several more times. She was really adorable and seemed pleased to help Auntie's knitting group out. We said a group good-bye and thank you to Emma and then after a bit of knitting, we packed up at noon for our next adventure which waited for us down on Main Street.

WE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL QUILT SHOP IN WINDHAM, NY. All I can say is wow!!!! Ruthie, Betty and I walked in and drooled over the many bolts of fabric. We had arrived at Patchwork Quilt Shop. The building itself is spectacular. Fran and her daughter did a wonderful job preparing the shop and all the goodies it has to offer. The collection of fabric is amazing and will capture a wide variety of quilters and sewers. I know it is going to be my second home! The Patchwork Quilt Shop is a dream come true for many a fabric worshipper.

After shopping at Patchwork, we went to Woodstock Quilt Shop which was having a 30% sale. They are moving to Glenville and will be teaming up with another quilt shop where they will spread their own brand of quilting magic. Good luck Bob and Jim. I will be seeing you both soon in April.

Right now I am sitting on the couch, surrounded by my goodies. I am enjoying this moment. If only I could get Jay to stop laughing at me as I examine my stash. Until the next time!

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