Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last night I went to the knitting group I joined. The meeting place varies week to week and last night we had it at the local coffee shop that has coffee, tea, and pastries to die for!! I almost didn't make it though because our new wood stove was put in and it took the two guys forever. But....not to miss out on creativity, I dashed out the door and away I went.

The women have been meeting for quite some time and of course, I am the newest member. Ruthie has lived here all of her life and she is an accomplished knitter who spends the evening attempting to bail each one of us out of some knitting mess we have made. Then there is Helen who loves to laugh and clown around. She is a really funny woman who has a wonderful personality. Dolly is from the south but loves it up here. She is new to knitting and has a gentle way about her. Marie is total New York and loves to be creative (as do we all). I haven't learned the others names by heart yet but when I do I will let you know all about them. I am lucky to have landed in the arms of such wonderful women. is off to the quilting group for three hours. Apparently the Patchworkers have a reputation and a song has been written about them. I haven't heard it yet but I am told that it is really good.

My juices are beginning to flow again thank the Goddess!

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